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Track List:
Disc 1
01- Six Feet Under (T. Newman)
02- Sex And The City (D. Cuomo)
03- Ally McBeal (Vonda Shepard)
04- Will & Grace (J. Wolff)
05- Everybody Loves Raymond (R. Marotta & T. Trotter)
06- Fraiser (Kelsey Grammer)
07- Friends (The Rembrandts)
08- Late Show with David Letterman (Paul Shaffer & The Cbs Orchestra)
09- Mad About You (Andrew Gold)
10- Melrose Place (Timothy Truman)
11- Beverly Hills 90210 (John E. Davis)
12- Law & Order (Mike Post)
13- Northern Exposure (David Schwartz)
14- The Simpsons (Danny Elfman, Sally & Susan Stevens)
15- Thirtysomething (W.G; ?Snuffy" Walde And Stewart Lein)
16- Full House (Jesse Frederick)
17- 21 Jump Street (Holly Robinson)
18- L.A. Law (Mike Post)
19- Pee-Wee's Playhouse (Cyndi Lauper)
20- Perfect Strangers (David Pomeranz)
21- Growning Pains (B.J. Thomas & Jennifer Warnes)
22- Moonlighting (Al Jarreau)
23- Who's The Boss? (Larry Weiss)
24- Miami Vice (Jan Hammer)
25- Night Court (J. Elliott)
26- The A-Team (P. Carpenter & M. Post)
27- St. Elsewhere (Dave Grusin)
28- Cheers (Gary Portnoy)
29- Knight Rider (S. Phillips & G. Larson)
30- Cagney & Lacey (Bill Conti)
31- The Greatest American Hero (Joey Scarbury)
32- Hill Street Blues (Mike Post)
33- Dynasty (Bill Conti)
34- Magnuim, P.I. (Mike Post)
35- The Facts Of Life (Gloria Loring)
36- Different Strokes (Alan Thicke)
37- WKRP In Cincinnati (Steve Carlisle)
38- Taxi (Bob James)
39- Dallas (Floyd Cramer)
40- Fantasy Island (L. Rosenthal)
41- The Love Boat (Jack Jones)
42- Soap (G. Tipton)
43- Eight Is Enough (Grant Goodeve)
44- Three's Company (Ray Charles & Julie Rinker)
45- Wonder Woman (New World Symphony)
46- Charlie's Angels (J. Elliott & A. Ferguson)
47- The Muppet Show (Jim Hensen, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt, Dave Goetz, Jerry Nelson & Erin Ozker)
48- Alice (Linda Lavin)
49- What's Happening! (Henry Mancini)
50- Laverne & Shirley (Cyndi Greeco)

Disc 2
01- One Day At A Time (Polly Cobber, Cynthia Bullens, Harry Nehls, Valeris Cartier & Fred Freeman)
02- Welcome Back, Kotter (John Sebastian)
03- Barney Miller (J. Elliott & A. Ferguson)
04- Starsky And Hutch (Tom Scott)
05- S.W.A.T (B. DeVorzon)
06- The Jeffersons (Ja'Net Dubois & Oren Waters)
07- Police Woman (M. Stevens)
08- The Rockford Files (Mike Post)
09- Good Times (Jime Gilstrap & Blinky Williams)
10- Six Million Dollar Man (O. Nelson)
11- M*A*S*H (J. Mandel)
12- The Waltons (J. Goldsmith)
13- Maude (Donny Hathaway)
14- Sanford and Son (Q. Jones)
15- All In The Family (Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton)
16- The Partridge Family (David Cassidy, Ron Hicklin Jackie Ward, Tom & John Bahler)
17- The Odd Couple (N. Hefti & S. Cahn)
18- The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Sonny Curtis)
19- Happy Days (Jim Haas, Ron Hicklin, Stanfarber, Gene Morford & Gerry Garrett)
20- Sesame Street (The Kids - Conducted By Joe Raposo)
21- Love American Style (The Cowsiles)
22- The Courtship of Eddie's Father (Harry Nilsson)
23- The Brady Bunch (The Brady Bunch Kids)
24- Scooby Doo (Hoyt Curtin & Singers)
25- Hawaii Five-O (Morton Stevens)
26- The Banana Splits (R. Adams & M. Barkan)
27- The Newlywed Game (C. Barris)
28- The Dating Game (C. Barris & D. Mook)
29- The Monkees (The Monkees)
30- Batman (N. Hefti)
31- I Dream of Jeannie (Hugo Montenegro)
32- The Wild Wild West (R. Markowitz)
33- Green Acres (Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor)
34- Gilligan's Island (Bill Cole, Gene Merlino, Stan Farber, Ian Free-Smith)
35- The Addams Family (Vic Mizzy)
36- Bewitched (H. Greenfield & J. Keller)
37- The Jetsons (J. Barbera, H. Curtin & W. Hanna)
38- The Dick Van Dyke Show (E. Hagen)
39- The Andy Griffith Show (Earl Hagen)
40- The Flintstones (Hoyt Curtain & Randy Van Horne'S Singer)
41- My Three Sons (F. Devol)
42- The Twilight Zone (M. Constant)
43- Leave It To Beaver (D. Kahn, M. Leonard & M. Greene)
44- Perry Mason (Leith Stevens & His Orchestra)
45- The Honeymooners (Jackie Gleason)
46- Merrie Melodies (E. Cantor, M. Mencher & C. Tobias)
47- Looney Toons (D. Franklin & C. Friend)
48- Dragnet (W. Schumann & M. Rozsa)
49- I Love Lucy (Wilbur Hatch & Orchestra)
50- The Lone Ranger (Rossini, Gioacchino)

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Código de Barras 0016581117020
Formato CD Importado
Número de Discos 2

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