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I AM... WORLD TOUR (2010)

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I AM... WORLD TOUR (2010)

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108 shows, 78 cities, 32 countries, 6 continents, 1.1 million fans. Beyoncé’s I Am... World Tour captures concert footage from numerous shows edited into one extraordinary concert. Weaved into this concert are highlights that give a rare glimpse into the dynamic and personal world of this multi-faceted icon. As a bonus is a behind-the-scenes documentary entitled Mic and a Light. I Am... World Tour Blu-ray captures not only an unforgettable performance from the superstar singer and entertainer, but showcases her astonishing talent as a filmmaker, director and producer.

Audio(Dolby): English(5.1 surround)
Special Features:
- Mic and a Linght
99 minutes

Track List:
01- Intro
02- Crazy In Love com Jay-Z
03- Naughty Girl
04- Tomorrow I Am Sasha Fierce
05- Freakum Dress
06- Get Me Bodied
07- Smash Into You
08- Ave Maria
09- Broken-Hearted Girl
10- If I Were A Boy/You Oughta Know
11- Robot
12- Diva
13- Radio
14- Socks & Stilettos
15- Ego com Kanye West
16- Hello
17- Sasha Vs. Beyoncé
18- Baby Boy/You Don’t Love Me, No No No
19- Irreplaceable
20- Check On It
21- Bootylicious
22- Upgrade U
23- Video Phone
24- Are You Filming Me With That?
25- Say My Name
26- At Last
27- Listen
28- Single Ladies Contest
29- Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
30- Halo

Informação Adicional

Código de Barras 0886978081896
Formato BLU RAY Importado
Número de Discos 1

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